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1. What is a domain name?
A Domain Name on the Internet is the equivalent of the street address of your business and can be personalised to include your company name. Your Domain Name is exclusively yours and is used by others to locate you on the Internet. It consists of your company's name followed by a suffix that shows where the company is based and what type of organisation it is, for example: and can contain letters, numbers, hyphens and must be in lowercase.
2. Why should your company have a domain name?
A Domain Name enables you to create a unique presence on the Internet. Your Web Site and employees' e-mail addresses will reflect your corporate identity rather than your Internet Service Providers name, and will make it easy for your clients to locate you on the Internet. Having your own Domain Name will give your company and employees a professional and consistent image that can be reflected in all company stationery and advertising material. Employee e-mail addresses allow for their full name, for example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your Domain Name is portable when changing account types and Internet Service Providers, which means you can keep the same web site and e-mail addresses. Your Domain Name does not indicate your company size therefore leveling the playing field.
3. What is Domain Name Hosting?
Domain Name Hosting is when your domain information is stored on our Domain Name Servers (DNS).
Please Note: Domain Name Hosting does not allocate web space to host your Web Site or email addresses, nor does Domain Name Hosting give you access to the Internet.
4. Why have Synetos Host your Domain Name?
Having your Domain Name hosted on our stable network will mean fast and reliable service, along with 24hr, 365days a year uptime. It will also reduce network traffic that would occur if you were to host your own DNS server on your own LAN
5. How does your company get its own domain name?
First you will need to register your domain name with an accredited domain name registrar. For a full list of accredited domain name registrars, please refer to: Once your Domain Name has been registered you will need to have it hosted by a hosting provider such as Synetos
6. What is web site hosting?
Website hosting is a service provided by Synetos, it allows an individual who has been granted access, to upload HTML files to a computer on Synetos's end, these HTML files in return are made viewable over the Internet by visting a designated URL. HTML is a standard adopted by the world wide community to display information on the Internet, Website hosting is not limited to just displaying HTML files, given the server side functionalities are supported, other standards can be displayed or simply put, the website space can be used just as storage for files, any type of files.
7. Can I host my website without hosting Domain name with you?
Yes, it is possible to have Website Hosting without Domain Name hosting. All that is required is to ensure your Domain Name Hosting provider points your domain the the space Synetos has set up for you on one of our Hosting Servers.
8. What databases you support? Is there any charge?
We support two databases, namely Microsoft SQL which runs on Windows and MySQL which runs on Linux and then apache. There is a charge for database hosting, please Contact Us for the Additional Services section, Website Hosting for prices.
9. Do you support shopping cart?
A shopping cart is a solution to a problem rather than a service, an electronic shopping cart is software/code embedded in your website, as an example to keep track/count of items purcahed through the website.
10. How do I setup Domain Email Hosting with Synetos?
To have your domain email hosted by Synetos you must have your domain name hosted with Synetos. You must also have atleast 1 physical email box on the Synetos mail server so that mail for your domain can be directed to this account.
11. How do I manage my Domain Email Accounts?
We have a utility which allows users to add and remove domain email addresses at any time. This page will ask you for your domain name and a username and password. This username will be sent out in the confirmation of your domain name hosting with Synetos. The password is the password you have chosen for this account..
12. How do I manage my Domain Email Accounts?
With Domain Email Hosting you can have an unlimited amount of domain addresses.
You will need at least one physical Synetos mail box (any Synetos account with an email box) on the initial setup. After the initial setup you are able to customise your domain email configuration.To take full advantage of domain email, you can specify multiple domain email addresses being directed to multiple pyhsical Synetos mail boxes. For example;
  1. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directed to user1
  2. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directed to user2
and so on.....